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se7en magazine welcomes unsolicited articles from anyone -
we are always on the lookout to build upon our amazing team
(seriously, they’re the best! ...oh and you can be too!).
Look below for your area of interest.

Note: se7en Magazine cannot offer paid commissions of any kind.
We can only offer a stage for you to shine and a chance to gain a loyal, coveted following. Who wouldn’t want that!


What we are looking for:

Art & Culture -
Feature Profiles, Essays, Poetry, Film/Book Features, Trend Stories,
New Product Reviews

Fashion -
Fashion Features, New Product Reviews

Music -
Feature Profiles, Music Reviews

* Articles must be less than or around 500 words.

* Electronic submissions -
email, text files, MS Word files, or Rich Text Format files

* On the first page, include your name (as you want it to appear in
the magazine), e-mail address, phone number, the artist, title and
label of the piece, and any notes for the editors.
Suggested headlines and sub-headlines are also welcome.

What we are looking for:

Fresh and exciting, high quality photography, that has been
created independently and fits in within the se7en sense of style.
{Fashion, Beauty, Still Life/Studio, Fine Art, Glamor, Portrait, Journalistic,
Nature, Travel...)


Photos must be no smaller than:
1500 x 1865 pixels

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